Thanks for Two Years!

Zimmerit powered suit design by Jan Buragay.

Zimmerit first kicked off in September of 2015 with The Secret History of Gainax. I totally missed this anniversary last year but figured I’d give it a brief mention this time around.

Matt and I had originally started that Gainax article with the intention of including it in the second Colony Drop fanzine, but in classic Colony Drop fashion it didn’t come together in time. So if you wondered why that fanzine had a cover with the Daicon girls and multiple pieces of artwork based on Gainax projects, there’s your answer.

Thanks to Matt, Laika, Tom, Grant, Renzo, David, and Jan for contributing with articles, translations, and artwork. Zimmerit wouldn’t be the same without you.

And thanks, of course, to all of Zimmerit’s readers. I’m constantly amazed by how many people show up to read about obscure 30-year-old nerd topics, but I’m supremely grateful that you do.

Rough goals for year three include sticking to the same two articles per month schedule I’ve been maintaining for the past few months and putting together some sort of Zimmerit zine. We’ll see how that goes.