Write for Zimmerit

Zimmerit is looking for pitches! Please read the guidelines and instructions below carefully, but also review articles already published on our site to get a feel for if your pitch is appropriate.

Pitch Guidelines

The rules for what is or isn’t an appropriate Zimmerit topic are loose and we’re always open to new ideas, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your pitch should have some connection to Japanese subculture fandom of the ’80s or ’90s
  • Articles about anime, model kits, toys, fandom, and doujin are all great but don’t be afraid to send us off-the-wall ideas, too
  • Article pitches should be research-based and approach the subject matter in a way that hasn’t been covered elsewhere, while still remaining consistent with the themes of this site
  • Subjects that have never been covered in English or are not well known among English-speaking fans are preferred
  • While many Zimmerit articles have a heavy sci-fi/military bent, yours doesn’t have to!
  • If you’re interested in writing about an old anime, manga, or sci-fi series, please be prepared to frame it within the context of the era or creators, and the influence it had on later shows with some serious research displayed
  • We’re not looking for: general reviews, critical analysis of popular series or their characters, broad historical features on anime or manga

Article Requirements

Zimmerit is run as a hobby and writing about old otaku bullshit should be fun above all else, but we’ve got a few hard rules for articles:

  • Your articles should be at least 1,000 words in length
  • You should be comfortable with having your article edited and adjusted to fit the format of the site as needed before publishing and potentially delivering revised versions based on our feedback
  • In addition to the article itself, please be prepared to provide a short author bio (with relevant links to social media accounts, blogs, etc.) and profile picture


Yes, we pay for articles. Compensation is $60 per article, upon delivery of the final article.

Send in Your Pitch

Use the form below to send us your article pitch. You must include the following information:

  • A link to at least one writing sample, preferably 2-3 (doesn’t have to be published work)
  • A rough breakdown of your research intent, listing sources you plan to use
  • 5-10 sentences summarizing your article, which should include an explanation of why it’s relevant and appropriate for Zimmerit.moe

Failure to include the information above may result in us not responding to your pitch.