Write For Zimmerit

While the purpose of Zimmerit is to give me a platform to explore the obscure topics I love, I’m always eager to feature writing by other people. For example, Tom’s wonderful post about the canceled Hollywood Gundam film.

The rules about what is, or isn’t, an appropriate topic for Zimmerit are loose, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The more obscure the topic among English-speaking fans, the better. Rarely, if ever, covered in English? Great!
  • Should have some connection to ’80s or ’90s, but it’s not a requirement.
  • Modern topics that evoke the DIY fan spirit of the ’80s are good, too.
  • Any sort of anime, manga, video games or other Japanese pop-culture ephemera is game. A lot of my writing has a sci-fi/mecha/military focus, but yours doesn’t have to.

If you’ve got an idea for an article that would work for zimmerit, get in touch!

As this is a personal blog, I’m unable to offer compensation right now.