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When we created our Patreon page a few years ago, the final goal was to release an edited version of our Secret History of Gainax article as a mini-zine for patrons. Patreon has since removed the goal feature and that Gainax article is nearly eight years old, but we still wanted to fulfill this achievement for our patrons. The result is a 28-page digest-sized zine made up of a mix of new writing and edited Zimmerit articles from the past few years that covered roughly the same topics as the original article we used to launch the site.


Initially, digital and print copies of the Gainazine will be available only via our Patreon.

After September 2023, PDF copies will be available to $5 Tier supporters, while print copies will be sent to $8 Tier supporters. Print versions will also be sold individually at a later date.


  • Daicon III Coverage. Manga Fantastic, No. 8, November 1981.
    Nominally a manga anthology, this particular issue of Manga Fantastic included a convention report of Daicon III with pictures.
  • Lost Anime: Route 2. Kid Fenris, 2012.
    To my knowledge, this was one of the first write-ups about this never-produced Gainax film that appeared during the days of anime blogging in the early ’00s.
  • Hernandez, Lea. Bani Garu,
    Lea Hernandez’s webcomic about her time spent working with Gainax is a great first-hand account of the company during that time and the challenges she encountered, but unfortunately, subsequent BoingBoing redesigns have made it harder to actually view the comics. Try Google Image Search, if nothing else.
  • Horn, Carl Gustav. Royal Space Force 25th Anniversary Fanzine.
    Carl’s fanzine dedicated to Royal Space Force remains an unparalleled source of information about the production history and themes of the film. Still available via print on demand!
  • Horn, Carl Gustav. Interview with Lea Hernandez. Pulp Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 8.
    An interview with Lea Hernandez sheds a bit more light on the backstory behind General Products USA, from the long-defunct Pulp Magazine. Still available to read on the Internet Archive.
  • Loo, Egan. Macross TV Series Liner Notes.
  • Manry, Gia. Interview: Gainax’s Hiroyuki Yamaga. Anime News Network, 2010.
  • Nadelman, Neil. AnimeCon ’91: On the Scene and Behind, Japanese Animation News & Review, Vol. 1, No. 5.
    Neil Nadelman’s write-up of AnimeCon ’91 provides a much more in-depth look at the convention beyond what most “professional” anime magazines were writing up about it at the time (Japanese Animation News & Review was a fanzine published out of the New England area).
  • AnimeCon ’91 Coverage. G-Press, Stage 18.
  • Okada, Toshio and Takeda, Yasuhiro. Daicon IV Production ReportAnimec, Vol. 31. August, 1983.
  • Smith, Toren. Wings of Oneamis. anime-zine, Vol. 2, 1987.
  • Takeda, Yasuhiro. The Notenki Memoirs: Studio Gainax And The Men Who Created Evangelion.
    Perhaps the most comprehensive history of Daicon Film and Gainax, albeit sanitized and glossing over some moments. Originally published in English by ADV Manga in 2005, it now goes for absurd prices. However, there’s an unofficial annotated web version.

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