The Models of The Maschinen Krieger Modelers Showcase

One thing I love about the Maschinen Krieger (Ma.k) modeling community is that creativity and extreme customization is wholly encouraged and celebrated. Given that Maschinen Krieger, created by Kow Yokoyama as S.F.3.d in the pages of Hobby Japan back in 1982, began as kit-bashed sci-fi kits using parts of everything from World War II tank kits to Star Wars, that attitude shouldn’t be surprising.

Ma.k modelers regularly combine existing kits designed by Yokoyama with all sorts of material for some seriously impressive, if occasionally head-scratching, results. While tangentially related to both military and sci-fi/plamo modeling, the Ma.k community embraces the bizarre and goofy in a way rarely seen with stuffy historical modelers or anime kit aficionados sticking to canon.

Held in Shinagawa, Tokyo on April 30, the Kanto Maschinen Krieger Modelers Showcase Final featured lots of lots of fantastic, creative kits. I’ve included some of my favorites but jump into the #関東MaK展示会FINAL hashtag on twitter or visit the Kow Yokoyama Facebook group to see more.