Five Years of

I’ve always been hesitant to write anniversary articles for this site (as evidenced by there being exactly one published prior to this), but with five years under our belt here at Zimmerit, it seems like as good a time as any. Sites like this don’t generally stick around for very long, so I am extremely grateful for the readers, writers, and patrons who have helped keep this site going and motivated me to stick with it. Our last article, a wonderful contributor piece about canon in Gundam, was our 100th article and unexpectedly appropriate for it to be published during the month of our fifth anniversary.

Looking forward, I am (as I always am) hoping to get us back to a two article per month publishing cadence, but no promises. I’ve got two interesting translation pieces that need formatting and editing. The Zimmerit “zine” (which is now more of a book) I mentioned way back in the second anniversary post is still very much in the works and has around 20,000 words written for it, but the chaos of 2020 threw a few wrenches into my plans.

Thanks to Grant, Tom, Matt, Renzo, Mike, a la Mort, Heng, Dawn, Rishi, Joel, Kevin, and Ian for writing wonderful articles that have helped elevate this site beyond my own myopic interests. Thanks to Laika for translating a ton of material over the last half-decade. Thanks to Jan, Alex, David, and Steve for the art you’ve seen on this site and on our stickers, t-shirts, and Patreon goodies.

Thanks to the patrons on our Patreon, past and present, who have helped support this endeavor and allowed us to pay people to write about otaku obscura.

Thanks, of course, to all of you reading this, too.